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Loan Assistant Lite: The Loan Calculator You’ve Been Waiting For

In today’s economic climate, the process of lending and borrowing money has become more important than ever. As a lender, you may be interested in helping clients receive the amount they need in order to begin paying off their mortgage. As a borrower, you may want to find a way to keep track of your finances and payments. No matter the purpose, developing and staying on top of your loan schedule is crucial to keeping customers happy and managing your credit. In a world filled with difficult to manage loan calculators, apps, and unorganized spreadsheets, how can one hope to stay on top of things? The best solution comes to you in the form of “Loan Assistant Lite.”

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Manage your loans the simple, easy, and efficient way with Integrated Accounting Solutions’ “Loan Assistant Lite.” “Loan Assistant Lite” (LA Lite) is a free standalone loan management program that aids the user in creating thought-out and detailed schedules for a variety of loan types in an easy to comprehend manner. LA lite serves as a fantastic introduction to our extraordinarily powerful flagship application, “Loan Assistant.”

Loan amortization calculator

LA Lite allows our user to create self-amortized, balloon, and interest-only loan schedules. When our users begin the process of setting up their payment schedule, they can split their payments into principal payments, interest, escrow payments, and service fees. This allows the user to easily see where the payments are going, and when their payments will be made.
Our loan amortization calculator is powerful and easy to use. LA Lite boasts an impressive amount of flexibility when calculating interest-based loans on a variety of ratios. This includes actual/365, 30/360, and actual/360 day ratios, as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly payment frequencies.
Are you working on creating a student load payment plan? No problem! LA Lite is entirely qualified to help lenders or borrowers create an amortization schedule that works easily. Our program can be used as a student loan calculator, as well as a standard loan calculator. There is no limit to the versatility of the product.

Loan schedule calculator

As an added bonus, our users are able to quickly produce loan coupons, as well as an easy to understand loan schedule for borrowers. Whether you are a lender or a borrower, this will effectively keep track of the payment schedule. Additionally, the application can export the payment schedule into a Microsoft Excel document that can be sent to borrowers for their records.
In a world oversaturated with applications, loan amortization calculators, and busy schedules, lenders and borrowers need LA Lite. Its versatility cannot be beat, and its ease of use will aid even the least tech-savvy lenders in creating a comprehensible payment schedule. Loan Assistant Lite is the answer to your loan amortization needs.

Loan Assistant Lite

LoanAssistant Lite (“LA Lite”) is a standalone loan management program. This application creates intricately thought-out schedules for different types of loans with various parameters. LA Lite also allows its user to process loan payments in custom-made Excel spreadsheets.

Permits the creation of self-amortized, balloon and interest-only loans. Splits loan payments based on options during loan setup into principal payments, interest, escrow payments and service fees.

Provides flexibility when calculating interest-based loans on actual/365, 30/360, and actual/360 day ratios. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual payment frequencies are available. Flexibility when setting up your first payment.

Sets up your variable rate loans and interest rate changes on the assigned dates. Sets up your annual escrow payments such as taxes, insurance etc.

Produces loan coupons as well as a loan schedule for distribution to borrowers. Helps generate an Excel file with all of your loans to process your payments.