Best loan management software for all lenders

Loan Assistant is a very powerful and easy-to-use loan management software developed by bankers and accountants to serve the needs of lending businesses that work with any mortgage loans, revolving and non-revolving lines of credit, auto, commercial, student loans and all others.

This loan management software functions as a complete loan processing system, which also gives the ability to post loan payments in QuickBooks accounting software and manage investors’ participation.

Designed for ease of using, Loan Assistant has a very simple and intuitive user interface, and at the same time, our technical support team is always ready to help until you become proficient.

Whatever the number of loans in your portfolio, our loan management software is the best choice for those lenders who want to save their time and grow their businesses. Make sure of it by checking testimonials, or try a free 30-day trial (you will see the link below).

Our loan management software features

Loan management software with the best features

Depending on the chosen package, your Loan Assistant can combine the various functions:

  1. Unlimited number of loans and credit lines.
  2. Self-amortizing, balloon and interest-only loans.
  3. Installment sales and escrow collection management.
  4. Connection to unlimited number of QuickBooks files.
  5. Customized documents.
  6. Adjustable rate loans.
  7. Investors’ Participation.
  8. Tax and fees accounting.
  9. Reporting etc.

Realizing that lenders have different requirements for loan management software, we made it modular so you can choose exactly those features you need. If you want to start increasing your revenues, simplify portfolio management and improve customer satisfaction as soon as possible, download our free 30-day trial now.