Why Quickbooks Works Best for Your Loan Accounting Software

In today’s oversaturated digital market, there are many different companies producing loan processing software. These programs target various segments of the financing industry and help automate and organize collection of loan payments.
But not all of them are equally effective!
Loan Amortization Software

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When considering various loan payment processing and accounting packages, equal weight should be given to the quality and features of loan management and payment processing software as well as the quality and features of the accounting platform. This is where the loan payment data is ultimately directed. Integrated Accounting Solutions’ LoanAssistant™ has been developed as an add-on to the highly successful QuickBooks® application. This approach eliminates the need for entering data to LoanAssistant™ and then re-entering it again into the accounting software. This seemingly simple approach allows the user to avoid double entry and simplifies software design, making it more stable and reliable. It also allows users to have their data available for any accounting reports on a real time basis.

Why have we chosen QuickBooks® over all of the other accounting software out there? The answer is simple!

Loan Amortization Software

Wide popularity

QuickBooks® is the most popular accounting software for small and medium sized companies in the US as well as many other countries. It is most likely already used by many lenders for their accounting needs outside of the loan processing, and it can prove to be your all-in-one application as both a business owner and a loan lender. Even if you are just starting your business as a lender, chances are that if you have worked in the business world, you are already used to using the QuickBooks® interface. It is almost a certainty that your CPA will be familiar with it. This will make your accounting cheaper and more efficient.

Unmatched support and reliability

QuickBooks® has unmatched support and is incredibly reliable. Because it has been around for a long time, the developers of QuickBooks® have been able to troubleshoot many of their software’s errors. Not only that, but the QuickBooks® website has a customer support hotline, as well as an online based chat service with a vast network of experts. You can ask them anything you need to and you will receive a swift response.

Many different pricing options

Loan payment management software is not cheap, and the cost of your accounting software should be considered carefully. QuickBooks® has many different pricing options and none of them will be cost prohibitive. QuickBooks® is becoming more than just accounting software. It is developing into a suite of widely used business applications with features that range from automated payroll services to a merchant center for accepting credit cards and other payments. It also has to ability to access online direct connections to your banking facilities to a center of communications with your customers and vendors.

That's why

We have carefully considered all these factors when we chose QuickBooks® as an accounting platform for LoanAssistant™ and we are very pleased with our choice.