Loan Management Software

  • Loan Management

    Loan Management

    Allows for an unlimited number of loans Supports both revolving and non-revolving credit lines Covers most segments of the lending industry: Residential and Commercial Mortgages, Construction Loans, Motor Finance, Education Loans, Installment Sales and others.

  • Seamless Quickbooks® Integration

    Seamless Quickbooks®

    Simple and intuitive account and loan setup using QuickBooks® Wizards Ability to connect a single LoanAssistant file to an unlimited number of QuickBooks® files.All transactions are posted instantaneously in QuickBooks®.

  • Reporting Features

    Reporting Features

    User-generated reports in Microsoft Word Built-in standard reports using Crystal Reports® and Microsoft® Word Mail Merge technology, including: 1. amortization tables and payment coupons;

  • Flexible Loan Servicing Support

    Flexible Loan
    Servicing Support

    Assignment of multiple borrowers and guarantors to a single loan Escrow module for third party payments such as taxes, insurance, etc. and related collection and payments report.

  • Interest Calculation Options

    Interest Calculation

    Options include self-amortized, balloon and interest-only loans Interest calculation based on Actual/365, Actual/360 and 30/365, 30/360 accrual methods Interest compounding with flexible settings.

  • Payment Processing Options

    Payment Processing

    Late payment and pre-payment penalties are automatically calculated with a penalty waiver option available User-defined frequency of payments and first payment date Automatic split of loan payments based on loan settings.

  • Investor Tracking And Reporting

    Investor Tracking
    And Reporting

    Tracking of investors’ certificates of deposits Participation pools with one or multiple investors.