Flexible and convenient loan servicing software for all types of needs

What is the truly flexible and convenient loan servicing software? Those who have worked in the lending for many years will immediately tell you that it must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be simple and understandable for all employees. Good loan servicing software will not force you to spend money and time on staff training
  2. Work with unlimited number of loans. Moreover, it should help you with any types of loans: mortgages, student loans, auto loans, installment sales, etc.
  3. Integrate with QuickBooks, which is a most popular accounting program in United States and several other countries
  4. Work with any interest method, fixed, variable, stepped rates and others including different taxes and fees
  5. Generate clear and detailed reports for all aspects of the lending process.

Flexible loan servicing software

Know the most flexible and convenient loan servicing software!

Our loan servicing software was developed by a joint team of bankers and accountants, so it corresponds to all their needs. With Loan Assistant, you can service any type of loan with no restrictions associated with software features. It results in a shorter time for the calculations, documents preparation, loan payment processing, reporting, etc. This time can be successfully used to work with customers and search for ways to grow your business.

In addition to the simple and intuitive user interface, this loan servicing software also has another unique feature – it is the only addition for QuickBooks that provides the opportunity to conveniently work with multiple loans and credit lines. All loan data will be displayed in QuickBooks without double entry.

Many financial companies in the different segments of lending industry are already using Loan Assistant. Discover all the benefits of the loan servicing software that has been developed by bankers and accountants! We are proud of our product, so it's easy for us to let you test it for free.

Learn more about Loan Assistant features and download the free 30-day trial here.