The Best Free Online Loan Amortization Calculator

Integrated Accounting Solutions’ “Loan Assistant” is one of the most powerful and fully featured loan amortization software on the market. We believe that we have developed an outstanding product but we also understand that not all of our users will require such a fully featured program. Some users have only a few loans to handle and others are not familiar with QuickBooks. The Integrated Accounting Solutions has developed a free online loan amortization calculator to meet the needs of such lenders and borrowers. Now, you can easily log onto our website and start the process of calculating the terms and the loan amortization schedule of a loan. This requires absolutely no installation, no fees, and no headaches! So, what exactly do you need to do?

Online loan amortization calculator

When you log onto our free online loan amortization calculator, you will be given the choice of what type of loan you would like to work with. You can select “Self-Amortized,” “Amortized Balloon,” or “Balloon Interest Only.” Once you have selected your preferred type of loan, you will be greeted with easy to follow entry fields. You will begin by simply inputting the amount of the loan you would like to calculate. After that, you can select the interest rate, the rate basis of the loan, and the compounding options of the loan. Next, enter the closing date of the loan and the maturity date of the loan. You can also input the number of payments. This will automatically calculate the loan’s maturity date. Finally, you can select how frequently you would like the loan to be paid. In less than a few minutes, you will have successfully calculated what a prospective loan will look like in our easy to use online application.

Free amortization loan calculator

Once you calculate the loan, you will be greeted with an easy to read grid of information. This grid will show you the pay date, payment amount, rate, interest payment, principal payment, and remaining balance of your loan for each payment. At the bottom of the grid, you will see how much money will be paid over the course of the loan, and how much of that payment is interest. The ability to see all of this information quickly is an invaluable tool for borrowers and lenders alike. You will receive a clear picture of what the loan schedule will look like, the breakdown between interest and principal in each payment, and the total amount of interest you will make as a lender or pay as a borrower.

Free Amortization Calculator with excel export

Online Not only that, but you can quickly generate and print payment coupons. With one click, you will be given loan payment coupons that include the amount due, the due date of the payment, the address of your borrower, and the address that the borrower needs to send the payment to. It is simple, easy to read, and even easier to keep track of.
This online loan amortization calculator is free, easy to use, and serves as a basic introduction to our more fully featured loan amortization software; Loan Assistant Lite, and Loan Assistant Professional.