How to choose the right loan accounting software

If you are working in lending industry and looking for the ways to get more success, you need to choose the right loan accounting software. It will allow you to save time on loan processing and become more productive. To choose loan accounting software that will meet all the aspects of your business in the best way, first of all assess your current loan servicing system, even if it’s manual. When you clearly know the disadvantages of existing system and that what you need to achieve optimal performance, you can choose the right loan accounting software and free your company's future from unwanted problems.

Here you will learn several key points to consider when evaluating current loan servicing system and choosing the best loan accounting software.

How to choose the best loan accounting software

What you need to consider when assessing loan accounting software

When evaluating loan accounting software you should objectively assess the flexibility of features it offers. Is it good for working with the growing number of loans? Is it comfortable for you to track the changes on each loan? Can the software generate detailed borrower histories? What are your company's long-term needs? Make sure that you can:

  • process all types of loans and credit lines
  • calculate different interest rates and methods
  • make calculations taking into account taxes, fees and insurance
  • get the necessary reports at any moment
  • be notified about late payments and other issues that require a timely attention
  • accurately apportion transferred amounts and reduce principal.

You should also pay attention to the software usability and to the existence of a serious service support from its manufacturer. Make sure that it is available during all your working time. You will need the help until you become an experienced user.

Best loan accounting software with strong support

The best loan accounting programs are modular and able to adapt to the changing needs of the lender. Loan Assistant is precisely this kind of loan accounting software. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and has incomparable reporting features. Learn more about this software and download the free 30-day trial now!


Choosing the right loan accounting software is a key element in the work of each lender. With increasing number of loans, mistakes are magnified. Without attentive and faultless control, it can lead to serious loss of time and money. The solution can be accomplished by assessing current loan servicing practices, followed by the installation of right loan accounting software.

The best loan accounting software should help not only with current problems, but also be flexible to adapt to the long-term needs of the company. Choose a modular software with a good service support, such as Loan Assistant is!