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Free online loan calculatorIntegrated Accounting Solutions’ “Loan Assistant” is one of the most powerful and fully featured loan amortization software on the market. While we are incredibly proud of the product we have created, we also understand that not all of our users will require such a fully featured program. After all, not every business needs the ability to administer hundreds of loans. We also understand that while QuickBooks is the premiere accounting software, not everyone feels the need to use it. The Integrated Accounting Solutions team has come up with a way to help you with your loan processing needs. That’s why we have developed LA Lite - free online loan calculator

Now, you can easily open our online loan calculator website and start the process of calculating the terms and the loan amortization schedule of a loan. This requires absolutely no installation, no fees, and no headaches!

When you log onto our free online loan calculator, you will be given the choice of what type of loan you would like to work with. You can select “Self-Amortized,” “Amortized Balloon,” or “Balloon Interest Only.” Once you have selected your preferred type of loan, you will be greeted with easy to follow entry fields. You will begin by inputting the amount of the loan you would like to calculate. After that, you can select the interest rate, the rate basis of the loan, and the compounding options of the loan. Next, enter the closing date of the loan and the maturity date of the loan. You can also input the number of payments. This will automatically calculate the loan’s maturity date. Finally, you can select how frequently you would like the loan to be paid.
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Free online loan calculator

Free bank software created for lenders.

The only free calculator that allow you to print loan schedule, payment coupons and download editable Excel spreadsheets designed for dynamic processing of you loan payments

After your amortization table has been calculated, you will be given an option to download loan payment coupons that include the amount due, the due date of the payment, the address of your borrower, and the address that the borrower needs to send the payment to. You can also download intricately thought-out schedules for different types of loans with various parameters I custom made Excel spreadsheets. It is simple, easy to read, and even easier to keep track of.

LoanAssistant Lite - loan management software that fit your needs

Loan Assistant Lite - the most functional loan calculator in the world:

  • Permits the creation of self-amortized, balloon and interest-only loans. Splits loan payments based on options during loan setup into principal payments, interest, escrow payments and service fees.
  • Provides flexibility when calculating interest-based loans on actual/365, 30/360, and actual/360 day ratios. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual payment frequencies are available. Flexibility when setting up your first payment.
  • Sets up your variable rate loans and interest rate changes on the assigned dates. Sets up your annual escrow payments such as taxes, insurance etc.
  • Produces loan coupons as well as a loan schedule for distribution to borrowers. Helps generate an Excel file with all of your loans to process your payments.

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