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Integrated Accounting Solutions is a software company designing software for loan processing and management. Its “LoanAssistant” program is a fully featured loan calculators and amortization software. It is being used in many industries. One of its popular application is student loan calculations. We understand that not all student loan lenders have the same software requirements. Integrated Accounting Solutions team developed LoanAssistant Lite for student loan lenders and borrowers who do not need a full featured software. It is a loan calculator which allows lenders to export their loan setup in Excel file and continue managing accounting for their loan payments in Excel. LoanAssistant Lite can be downloaded from website and used free for 30 day. It can be purchased for only $25.00 after the free trial period expires.

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LoanAssistant Lite loan calculator allows processing of three types of student loans including “Self-Amortized,” “Amortized Balloon,” or “Balloon Interest Only.” Then users need to input the loan amount, the interest rate, the rate basis of the loan, and the compounding options for the loan. Enter the closing date of the loan and the maturity date of the loan, or, in the alternative, input the number of payments to enable the interest calculator to calculate the loan’s maturity date automatically. In less than a few minutes, you will have successfully calculated what a prospective loan will look like in our easy to use interest calculator.

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When the student loan is calculated, you will be greeted with an information report. The report will show you the pay date, payment amount, rate, interest payment, principal payment, and remaining balance of the loan for each payment. At the bottom of the grid, you will see how much money will be paid over the course of the loan, and how much of that payment is interest. You will receive a clear picture of the student loan schedule, the breakdown between interest and principal in each payment, and the total amount of interest you will make as a lender or pay as a borrower. Lender can print out the newly created amortization table. Additionally, the application can export the payment schedule into a Microsoft Excel document that can be sent to borrowers for their record or used to process any payments received from Borrowers.

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You can also quickly generate and print payment coupons. With one click, you will be able to produce loan payment coupons that include the amount due, the due date of the payment, the address of your borrower, and the address that the borrower needs to send the payment to. It is simple, easy to read, and even easier to keep track of.

LoanAssistant Lite is a versatile and easy to use interest calculator which can be used for student loan lenders who do not need our more fully featured loan amortization software; Loan Assistant Lite, or Loan Assistant Professional.