Loan accounting Software service loans program

It has always been difficult to find software flexible enough to meet the requirements of our business. At a reasonable cost, Loan Assistant has accommodated the needs of our lending operations and, most importantly, provided ability to seamlessly integrate loan processing with QuickBooks®. We save time and money, and can now completely rely on our accounting records…





Jana Vargas, Director of Retail Technology

Loan accounting Software service loans program

Going into a lending business requires a good support base. I understood that I needed software that would help me process loans, post payments in an accounting software, and manage allocation to investors. I found all of these features in Loan Assistant. This application also integrates with the Canadian version of QuickBooks® and produces all the necessary reporting in Canadian dollars. I can recommend Loan Assistant as flexible and comprehensive loan processing package, which should meet requirements of most lending businesses

Don Ross

Loan Servicing Software service management application

Lending is not at the core of my business, but I needed software to help me process deferred payments. Our lending arrangements are complicated. The program I was looking for needed to be very flexible to correctly process my payments, break them down into principal and interest, and record them in QuickBooks®. Loan Assistant did it for me. I have upgraded this application since my original purchase and am very happy with Loan Assistant…



Chris Psihos, Entrepreneur

Loan Management Application processing Loans

Not only is "Loan Assistant" precisely the software that I needed to manage my business, but also the support staff was extraordinarily patient with me. They were, and are, always readily available as I became comfortable using this new tool. I am using the software to manage a rather large portfolio of personal investments consisting of installment loans. Although I was generally familiar with QuickBooks®, loan management was new to me. The support staff stayed with me until I became proficient.

Ric Fox, President Hammond Finance LLC