Loan Management Made Simple for QuickBooks®


is the only loan servicing add-on for QuickBooks®
that allows you to efficiently manage multiple loans and credit lines.

30 days free

See TUTORIALS for installation instructions.
Note, default password is “admin”.

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Loan Management

Service unlimited number of loans and credit lines.
Covers most segments of lending industry:......
- Residential & Commercial mortgages
- Construction loans
- Motor finance
- Education loans
- Installment sales
- Investor Participation
- And Much More..

Seamless Quickbooks® Integration

Simple and intuitive integration with unlimited number of QuickBooks Online / QuickBooks Desktop files.
All transactions are posted instantaneously in QuickBooks®.
Combined report of loan portfolios in from different QuickBooks files.

Reporting Features

Borrower reports:
- Amortization tables and payment coupons;
- Comprehensive billing statements;
- Pay-off statements;
- Borrower account statements;......
Managerial reports:
- Payments summary reports;
- Escrow collection and payments reports;
- Late accounts summary and payments due reports;
- Portfolio summary reports;
- IRS 1098 and 1096 Forms - automated data collection/reporting to borrowers (Form 1098) and Mortgage Interest Statement (Form 1096);
- Access to a wide range of QuickBooks® reporting capabilities.

Flexible Loan Servicing Support

Assignment of multiple borrowers and guarantors to a single loan;
Escrow module for third party payments such as taxes, insurance, etc.
Multi-user network set up;......
LTV tracking with multiple collateral items referenced to specific accounts;
Multi-currency support, including reporting ;
Tracking notes/images can be stamped with user name and date for audit purposes;
Tasks/images and deadlines assigned to different users through Microsoft Outlook;
Up to three levels of security for administrators;
Modification of many loan parameters on a going forward basis.

Interest Calculation Options

- Options include self-amortized, balloon and interest-only loans;
Interest calculation based on Actual/365, Actual/360 and 30/365, 30/360;......
Interest compounding with flexible settings;
Support for adjustable rate loans with periodic and random rate changes;
Interest deferral and non-interest bearing loan amounts.

Investor Tracking And Reporting

Tracking of investors’ certificates of deposits
Participation pools with one or multiple investors;
Investor allocation based on fixed percentages or the amount of capital invested;......
Multiple management fee options automatically recorded in QuickBooks;
Comprehensive investor participation reports exportable into Excel.


Package License

$ 850
Annual Subscription
Unlimited number of loans and credit lines; Single user with 2 (two) QuickBooks® file integration; Amortized, balloon and interest only loans; Adjustable rate loans; Revolving and non-revolving credit lines; Installment Sale and Escrow Collection and much more. Additional modules are available.

Package License

$ 1050
Annual Subscription
All features of Professional Package; Connection to Unlimited Number of QuickBooks® files; 1098 Reporting; Customized Documents; Investor Participation Module; Network/Multiuser for up to 3 Users; Customer Communications module.

Tutorials on line

How to open new book

How to open new book

How to setup new loan

How to setup new loan

How to make loan payment

How to make loan payment

How to set up penalties

How to set up penalties

How to setup investor participation

How to setup investor participation

How to make loan payoff

How to make loan payoff

How to Install LoanAssistant™

1. If you haven't done so already, install your version of QuickBooks®.
2. Download the LoanAssistant test installation package. Click Save in the File Download window. If the system indicates that this is an unknown source, click OK to continue download. The download might take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.......
3. Run the saved setup file.
Attention Windows 7 users: Right-click on the saved file and select Run As Administratorr from the drop down menu.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. Note that default password is admin.

Connect LoanAssistant™ to the Book

1. In the Start/All Programs menu on your computer, find and select LoanAssistant.
2. After the software has loaded, enter password “admin” and press Enter.
3. In Select QuickBooks® file window find the QuickBooks® file you created and click Open. You will automatically be switched to the QuickBooks® file.......
4. Choose Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks® is not running and click Continue → Yes → Done.
5. You will be automatically switched to LoanAssistant. Select Set New Book Attributes window. We recommend keeping Default Accounts Name and Read Only options.
Choose an appropriate option of using income Sub-Accounts (see onscreen instructions). You cannot reset the Sub-Accounts option after you connect to a book, please be sure to select an appropriate option before proceeding. Click OK.
6. At this point, you will have completed the LoanAssistant installation and connection to a QuickBooks® file.